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A Deep Dive into Cold Weather Bushcrafting in Wisconsin

Episode Summary

Camping can be a four-season experience in Wisconsin at whatever level you wish. While some prefer “glamping,” increasing numbers of people want to truly experience themselves vs. nature… an adventure known as bushcrafting. Winter camping - or bushcrafting - has different rules vs. summer and Ramsay Plautz joins Eric and Ana in The Cabin to discuss things to remember and the best places to experience bushcrafting during Wisconsin’s all-encompassing winters.

Episode Notes

The Cabin is presented by the Wisconsin Counties Association and this week we’re featuring Door County;

Campfire Conversation: 

Eric and Ana welcome Ramsay Plautz back into The Cabin for a hearty conversation on bushcrafting - that is, camping without all the creature comforts - in Wisconsin. Ramsay relates his previous experiences bushcrafting, where you only bring serious basics and travel as lightly as possible. He reiterates the four C’s of bushcrafting we covered during summer episodes on this topic, but adapted for winter. When bushcrafting, you make your own shelter, hunt or forage for your food, and be one with nature as much as possible. Of course you’ll need a survival kit attuned for winter, which is different from what you’d pack for summer. Ramsay covers those basics along with constructing the best shelter and winter foraging and hunting. We learn some interesting tidbits here, including the nutritional value of squirrels, pine cones, and more; getting and storing the best fresh water, which is actually much easier in snow-covered winter forests. You can use a number of natural items and tools in the forest, and Ramsay covers ways to make use of what is around you. He also covers some of the best places for true bushcrafting in winter and the best ways to stay safe, including monitoring and sensing weather conditions and how to handle animals - and anyone traveling with you. As a lone adventurer or with a group of friends, this episode helps winter campers truly test their skills when communing with nature - and it’s coldest and sometimes least forgiving. Join us for some winter bushcrafting inspiration!

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