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Best Wisconsin Comfort Foods

Episode Summary

It’s that special time of year - for comfort food! In this episode of The Cabin, Eric and Ana dive into the delicacies Wisconsinites love when the weather cools down. Whether home cooking or something great at a restaurant, varieties of dishes like mac & cheese, stews and soup, meat loaf, pot pies, chili, quintessential Wisconsin casseroles, and of course desserts all get some love in this hearty and filling edition of The Cabin.

Episode Notes

The Cabin is presented by the Wisconsin Counties Association and this week we’re featuring Shawano County;

Campfire Conversation: 

Eric and Ana tuck into the Cabin and prepare you for the wonders of Wisconsin comfort foods - those tasty treats and dishes that bring warmth and fill you up. They talk about the foods themselves like casseroles, pot pies, poutine, mac & cheese (lots of cheese), potato dishes, pasties, chili, and more. Shout-outs are given to some favorite spots for comfort foods around Wisconsin, including Monty’s Blue Plate Diner in Madison and Delta Diner in the North Woods in Bayfield County (both for their meat loaf among other dishes!); places like Real Chili in Milwaukee for chili; Mac’s and their multiple locations around Wisconsin for incredible mac & cheese combos; Shepherd’s Pie from places like Kitty O’Reilly’s in Sturgeon Bay, Stone Arch in Appleton, Dublin Square in La Crosse, O’Donoghue’s in Elm Grove, or County Clare in Milwaukee; plus Italian pastas, Cornish pasties, plus some key burgers and pizza around the state get highlighted. Desserts are comfort food too, and places like Norske Nook, Honeypie, Hubbard Avenue Diner, and Stockholm Pie (among many others) are famous for pies - and that’s just one dessert example. Wisconsin’s bevy of supper clubs are great places for big meals involving our favorite comfort foods as a state, they are highly recommended for the full experience! All of that and more gets covered in this episode of The Cabin.

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