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BONUS: Navigating Racine County from East to West

Episode Summary

Join us for a special bonus episode of The Cabin Podcast, as we explore Racine County from East to West. Hosted by Ana, Eric, and Jake, we're joined by esteemed guests: MT Boyle, Executive Director of Experience Burlington; Casey Morgenson, Communications Manager for Racine County; and Kelly Kruse, Executive Director of Downtown Racine Corporation. Get ready for a lively discussion with plenty of friendly voices as we dive into the heart of Racine County. But before we begin, let's set the stage!

Episode Notes

Racine County boasts a diverse landscape of cities, villages, and towns, offering a blend of urban and rural experiences. In this episode, we delve into the rich history and Danish heritage of Racine, home to the renowned O&H Danish Bakery, and explore its active arts community and educational initiatives, such as the Ardagh Glass Company's partnership with Burlington's STEM program. Recognized for its vibrant downtown scene, Racine has earned accolades for events like First Fridays and the Party on the Pavement, while Burlington hosts the lively Jamboree and Experience Burlington Days. Outdoor enthusiasts can revel in the natural beauty of Lake Michigan at North Beach and partake in activities like the Aquaducks water skiing show at Brown's Lake. Additionally, the county offers a plethora of recreational amenities, from parks like Jonathan - Pritchard Park to attractions like the Racine Zoo and dining establishments ranging from Well Brothers Pizza to Fred's Burgers. Economic development initiatives, such as the Microsoft Data Center and Breakwater 233, underscore the county's commitment to growth and prosperity.

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