The Cabin

Exploring Price County

Episode Summary

Ana and Eric welcome Laura Palzkill, Executive Director of the Phillips Area Chamber of Commerce, into the Cabin for a deep dive into Price County. Price is a county that exemplifies the beautiful North Woods of Wisconsin; it’s a haven for recreation seekers, hunters, fishing enthusiasts, and those who truly want to get away from it all. The upcoming change of seasons means plenty of recreational opportunities, fall colors, and the getting-away-from-it-all vibe makes Price County… Priceless. Discover them, from trails to resorts to fun weekend getaway events, right here.

Episode Notes

Ana and Eric welcome Laura Palzkill direct from Phillips into the Cabin for a deep dive into Price County. Laura serves as Executive Director of the Phillips Area Chamber of Commerce and knows every nook and cranny of the county - and there are many!  We began by giving the lay of the land in Price County, which is not only in the center of the state but also holds its highest natural point, the 1951.5-foot peak of Timms Hill near Ogema. The crew discuss some of the cities and towns in Price County, including Park Falls (the largest city with just under 2,500 residents) and the county seat, Phillips. Plenty of good places to eat, shop, and enjoy are available, but if you’re looking for great resorts, plentiful lakes, and quiet getaways, you’ve got it! One quirky stop is Fred Smith’s Concrete Park, a crazy collection of concrete in sculpture and design forms, often outfitted with colorful broken glass and other accouterments to turn concrete into horses, people, wagons, and other eye-catching concoctions. Laura discussed the numerous lakeside resorts in the area, the plentiful multi-use trails for any season, even some of the unique diners, supper clubs, and other stops to enjoy a meal of whet your whistle. Eric noted one of his favorite food trucks - Lola’s Lunchbox - which is found in Price County either in Phillips or Park Falls. A swath of the Chequamegon National Forest covers the county, with trails that access some amazing hunting and fishing spots. Speaking of fishing, Price County is home to St. Croix Rods, a leading maker of fishing rods and equipment. They’ve been featured in Uniquely Wisconsin videos, along with legendary snow trail groomer Frank Dusek and award-winning barrel racing horseback rider Alexis Baratka, who was key to creating the Price County Rodeo - one that is rapidly becoming a leading one in the state and region. Price County offers many stories, and rides along U.S. 8, Highway 13, or Highway 70 can bring you not only to the county but to many of the hidden gems that keep people coming back. 

Speaking of, we also discuss some noteworthy events in Price County, including the beautiful fall colors getting ready to dazzle over the next few weeks. Along with that is the Christmas Tree Festival in Ogema coming up September 30th, the Phillips Fall Harvest Festival October 7th (to celebrate the cranberry production in Price County!), and Park Falls Fright Fest coming up October 28th. Other festivals include Phillips Winterfest in late January, June celebrations like Lumberman’s Day in Catawba and the Czech-Slovak Fest in Phillips, and Phillips On Tap, held every August. You can find out more about Price County activities and events by checking out or