The Cabin

The Top 20 Strange Places to Visit in Wisconsin

Episode Summary

Wisconsin has plenty of unique and unusual places to visit, and in this episode Ana brings a book about strange places to visit in Wisconsin and quizzes Eric!

Episode Notes

Eric and Ana dive into a book about strange places in Wisconsin, where Ana has the book, Eric randomly picks pages, and they discuss wherever it lands. They end up discussing the mysterious orange moose you can spot by I-94 and Highway 54 in Black River Falls aka “the world’s most unusual ornament.” They then head to the Viking Motel in Buffalo County with the oversized viking and its legend, the “world of miniature buildings” in Logan’s hometown of Pardeeville, and a church haunted by old Norwegian ghosts south of Amery. Several places in Wisconsin lay claim to being the “UFO Capital of the World,” and they explore the legends in Elmwood, Belleville, and Poland (the town in Wisconsin, not the country in Europe.) Eric and Ana also discuss Wisconsin native Chris Farley’s unusual grave in Madison; the “Rock-in-the-House” Museum in Fountain City and the crazy stories that follow; Manitowoc’s experience with a spacecraft crash and the festival that has sprung up around it; unusual architecture with the Pebble House in Port Washington; and the Mustard Museum in Middleton, and more. Let it inspire you to seek out some strange - and cool - places across Wisconsin!


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