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Ultimate Guide to Summer Fun: Disc Golfing (ft. Andrew Kangas)

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Eric and Ana talk summer fun outdoors and focus on disc golf spots around Wisconsin, welcoming Andrew Kangas in for the conversation. We cover not only the sport of disc golf – which is one of the fastest-growing sports in the nation – but also some great places in Wisconsin to play, from the well-known spots to a few hidden gems.

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Campfire Conversation:

Eric and Ana welcome disc golfer Andrew Kangas into The Cabin as we talk about disc golf as one of the great – if not underrated – outdoor summer activities in Wisconsin. Turns out Wisconsin ranks as the 4th best disc golf state in U.S., with 426 courses, 165 courses w/ 18 + holes, 124 leagues, 51 stores that sell disc golf gear. Andrew discussed some of the finer points of the game as well as the equipment  - which is relatively simple, making it a low-cost sport to get into. A variety of course options we also discussed, from rural in the North Woods like Sandy Point Disc Golf Ranch in Lac du Flambeau, WI to urban in southeast Wisconsin like Dretzka Park in Milwaukee. Some disc golf courses are situated on regular golf courses, some follow pathways in the forest. The variety makes play a unique experience every time Other venues discussed included Rollin Ridge in Reedsville, Silver Creek Park in Manitowoc, a 36-hole disc golf courses right on the shores of Lake Michigan, and others across the state. Listen to discover one near you!

Discover Wisconsin Producer Bo Chovan also joins us in The Cabin with a Behind the Scenes look at the upcoming Janesville episode, which begins streaming on the DW app May 24th at 4pm and airs this Memorial Day weekend, when it also becomes available on all streaming channels.

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