The Cabin

Unsolved Mysteries in Wisconsin

Episode Summary

We’re back with volume 2 of Haunted Wisconsin! This week we’re covering some strange happenings that remain unsolved...are you ready? If you scare easily, don’t worry! We’ll end this episode with a lighthearted trip to the Menomonie area because the behind-the-scenes segment is back and we’re joined by Discover Wisconsin videographer, Andrew Natvig.

Episode Notes

The Cabin is presented by the Wisconsin Counties Association and this week we're featuring Lafayette County.

Campfire Conversation: We're back with volume 2 of Haunted Wisconsin ! This week Mariah, Eric, and Audio Dave will each be telling the story of an unsolved mystery that took place right in our backyard. We're covering these 3 mysteries: Poverty Island Treasure, The Tallman Family Story, and Mary Schlais.

Behind-the-Scenes: Following that spooky conversation we're headed to Menomonie with one of our videographers from this episode, Andrew Natvig! 

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