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Wisconsin's Top 10 Hidden Waterfalls

Episode Summary

In episode 229 of The Cabin podcast, hosts AnaElise Beckman, Jake Rome, and Eric Paulsen take listeners on a thrilling exploration of Wisconsin's hidden natural wonders: its top 10 waterfalls. Ana sets the stage with the awe-inspiring Victoria Falls, offering a staggering comparison to Niagara Falls and igniting curiosity for what lies ahead. As the trio delves into their adventure, listeners are treated to captivating tales of discovery and insider tips for uncovering these secluded treasures nestled within Wisconsin's scenic landscapes.

Episode Notes

The Cabin is presented by the Wisconsin Counties Association and this week we’re featuring Pepin County;

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Join us as we uncover Wisconsin's top 10 waterfalls, starting with Pewit’s Nest in Baraboo. We explore the natural gorge carved by Skillet Creek, reminiscent of Parfrey’s Glen, and delve into its rich history as a former site of a waterwheel and mill. Next, we venture to Devil’s Punchbowl in Menomonie, marveling at its ancient rock formations and cascading waterfall. Finally, we briefly touch on Bond Falls in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, known for its stunning beauty and accessible viewing locations. With each destination, they paint a vivid picture of Wisconsin's diverse and enchanting landscapes, inviting listeners to embark on their own waterfall adventures.

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